Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What shall we do with her?

Hello everyone! Hello sister-who-is-coming-to-visit!

Yay, she arrives on Friday for a long weekend. What shall we do to with her while she is here? Please take this quiz:

1. Talk politics

2. Pan for gold

3. Buy some "Spank My Ass and Call Me Sally" hot sauce and do some wild barbecuing (lordy, how do you spell that word?)

4. Nothing at all

5. Show her all the tricks my amazing, smart, talented children can do, over and over, introduce her to their garage band, and then leave her with them to babysit while Matt and I go away for the weekend

6. Lounge by the pool and serve her foo foo drinks

7. ? (your suggestion is welcome)

Lisa McMann -- Everything In Between

Monday, February 21, 2005

So what comes next?

Christian heterosexual supporters of gay rights need to make themselves known. This is obvious, and is pointed out by several writers and journalists. Where does one begin? Reading comments on The Free Republic makes the task seem daunting to impossible. The people who spew their hatred there appear to be unwavering. Is beating my head against the wall really the right way to go?

I imagine there are many 'undecideds' reading and not posting, though. Many Christians, growing up, never questioned or challenged their parents' view on homosexuality, but adopted their bigotry as easily as one generation passes down family recipes to the next. I have to hope that raising the question without getting a door slammed in my face is a possibility with the younger generations. But is it just me thinking this, or is the baby boomer generation of haters actually even more self-righteous than the ones before? I'm hoping the only reason it seems that way to me is because I finally decided to take a stand on something highly controversial in the Christian church (though I stood strong on allowing women to preach in the church, and that wasn't nearly the battle this is), thus people come out of the woodwork at me. It's easier, definitely, to remain lukewarm on the topic of gay rights; to go along with whatever crowd one happens to be in at the moment creates no conflict. And it's not only acceptable but expected for a pastor's wife to be demure and 'holy', and support the Bible literally (which I believe means 'taking things out of context', but that's another post entirely), and play the organ and have people over to talk nicey-nice. But if you know me at all, that's not my style.

So, wise readers, how do I do more? And how do I find some allies? I'm armed with Peggy and Tony. But I could use some other references where these Bible verses are questioned. As Barbara Kingsolver writes in "The Poisonwood Bible," regarding the verse "It is more difficult for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven", the original word (what was it written in--greek? aramaic? arabic? see? I need help) meaning 'camel' is identical to the word used for 'a thick thread'. I need to learn how to better articulate and debate these things.

I can't stand by and watch the name 'Christian' remain/become a taste of bitter to the world, and I'm not going to let my friends be judged and bashed by uninformed people without speaking up loudly and clearly about where I stand on the issue. Any help is appreciated.

Lisa McMann -- Everything In Between

Monday, February 14, 2005

Christian Hatred Makes Me Ill.

I am literally in tears of anger and sadness over the story of Maya Marcel-Keyes, daughter of anti-gay conservative Alan Keyes. Alan and his wife have thrown their daughter out of the house and will no long speak to her because she is gay.

I don't cry often, especially over politics, but this kind of behavior makes me so very sorry and embarrassed to call myself Christian. I am ashamed and furious to see such hatred come from mouths of people who say they believe in Jesus Christ. What Bible are you reading, Mr. Keyes??? What Jesus do you know?? And where did you learn such hatred? You frighten the hell out of me.

Recently someone emailed me regarding a link I have to my website. It is from a Christian conservative whom I know quite well. In the email, which is more of a test guised as a question (for which she also has already provided me with the 'correct' answer), between bits about how she 'writes this in love', she pours out her judgement on me, insinuates that I am a bad mother, questions my faith, and spews manipulative rhetoric dripping with hatred toward gays. Or...toward their sin, that is. Yeah. That's it. And then she says she doesn't judge people.

And the sad part is, there is nothing, nothing at all, I can do or say that will change her mind, because no one can argue with that kind of logic. If that is what Christian means, I want nothing to do with it. With each of these incidents, led by the evil 'Pastor' George W Bush, Christianity takes one more step toward hatred, one giant leap backward for those who really do care about what Jesus would do.

Sorry, thank you, I'll try to be normal again next time.


Monday, February 07, 2005

We're going to write today!

Okay friends, today we are going to work on our novel.

What I really mean is that this time we are going to actually write some of it, not just 'work' on it. Working on it usually consists of doing lots of other things too, like trying to find freelance writing work that's not boring and actually pays, or grammar-editing your friend's novel which is finished--hmmm--while thinking about your own novel: "how would Julia react to news like that" or "I've got lopsided characters, one's too evil and one is too good." But 'working on it' doesn't get it written, and when we're this committed, we can't stop now.

So get out your pencils and start with me. Take notes, do research, get your setting mapped out, and let's go write something.

Lisa McMann -- Everything In Between

Thursday, February 03, 2005

It's not like I'm afraid or anything.

I got the email the other day.

Now, I've had some interesting emails lately. There's one in particular I might even post here someday for its pure entertainment value.

But that's another day. The email I got recently was from my mother, saying she and dad are coming to visit. And she's bringing four vials, she says. Good grief. That means...that means...four weeks worth of allergy medication. FOUR WEEKS. I haven't spent four weeks of solid time with my mother since the suckling days. In fact four hours is more than I can bear. Even a Sunday dinner is enough to make my head spin.

She's given me my list of chores to tackle before she comes. Find a hotel that isn't old, doesn't have cherry wood furnishings (there goes the Hampton), doesn't use sprays (there goes everyone else), is completely non-smoking (there's one in Branson, Missouri--I saw a billboard once), and must have a first floor available (for easy access/exit in case the terrists come).

I also need to find a doctor who will allow her to just pop in once a week so that they can administer the shot. For free. You know, one of those doctors whose waiting room is empty and the docs and nurses are all sitting around looking for things to do, testing each other's reflexes with the little hammer, going through the prize basket to pick out the miniature trolls and red plastic jewel rings, playing with those weights on the scales. There are a lot of bored medical professionals around. If they weren't so busy playing, maybe I wouldn't have had to sit in the ER waiting room for 7 hours before they could pop six measely stitches in my head. Hell, the cut was practically healed by the time they got to it.

Ahhh, and then there's the smoking. She doesn't know about that. I'd like it to remain that way, not because I am afraid or anything. But her incessant harping once she finds out will drive me to do something I may regret. And she will find out, since I am no longer 'allowed' to use Febreeze in her presence...or hairspray. Not to mention perfume or lotion. And God forbid we use something other than Wisk unscented laundry detergent with the YELLOW cap. And no dryer sheets! We'll probably have to drain the swimming pool. Stupid chlorine.

So I need a note: Please excuse Lisa from existing March 1 thru 24. Because the really fun guests are coming March 25, and I want to be alive for that.

Lisa McMann -- Everything In Between

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Gambel Quail and Grackles

Does this title make you hungry? It sounds like an answer to 'What's for dinner'. But these are the two new birds I've discovered, and they couldn't be more opposite from each other.

Remember Myrna, my neighbor who screams at the black squawking birds every afternoon? (She's still doing that, by the way. Yesterday it was, "HEY!! SHUT UP!!!") My friend Terry says those are Grackles. Perfect name for them. I asked Terry about another bird I've seen only twice now. Actually I saw fifteen of them, all at once, as they appeared on my back yard cement block fence. I say 'appeared' because they did not 'land' there, they were not flying, and I didn't see them coming. They came from below, I imagine, all fifteen, big birds they are, too--larger than mourning doves, and frankly they scared the shit out of me, all appearing so suddenly fifteen feet away.

They are beautiful birds, grey backs with tweed and cream bellies and a royal-looking plume adorning their heads, glinting in the morning sunlight. They lined up and faced north, strolling like kings, heads bobbing in unison as they surveyed their kindgom known as Parkwood Ranch. Perhaps they were searching out Grackles for dinner.

Lisa McMann -- Everything In Between