Monday, February 27, 2006

Got five bucks?

Carl Sheeler needs your help.

I know Carl Sheeler from a message board. He's running for Senate in Rhode Island as a progressive Democratic candidate against Republican incumbant Lincoln Chafee.

I know, I know. You don't live in Rhode Island. But if you are frustrated by the state of our country and want change, we can do it this fall -- we can elect Senators and Representatives who will stand against the lying, sneaking, spending, warring administration.

It's important to help out the Democrats running for Congress, no matter what state they live in. If they are running against Republicans, we want them in Washington.

My friend Carl has a billboard up in R.I. It says, "Impeach Bush." You can see it on his website. It costs $11,000 a month, and he'd like to see that it stays up.

I've done some speech editing for Mr. Sheeler. The man knows what he's talking about. He's a Veteran, a husband, a father, and he's completely passionate about fighting to stop the corruption in the White House.

If we all help...pitch in a little if we can...our chances of taking control of the Senate and House improve. Can you send Carl Sheeler $5? $10? Any little bit helps. You can donate through a quick secure online form on his website, or via mail.

Check out his website. Tell your friends about Carl -- Especially your Rhode Island friends.

Here are his own words, from a message I received from him today:

We have two weeks to do three things:

1) Raise $15,000+ for another month of Sheeler's Impeach Bush Billboard on I-95
2) Raise awareness to a level media starts making the Bush Impeachment a central issue
3) Pressure Rhode Islanders to pressure their state legislators to begin proceedings so they send a joint resolution to the US House Floor where Articles of Impeachment must be heard

Here's the website again:

Thank you!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Contrary to popular opinion...

...yesterday was, indeed, not my birthday.

But I did do my taxes.
What did you do yesterday?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I have cool friends

You are such cool friends. Another wise person I know said quit for 10 more minutes. :)

Still hanging in there on day 6. You should see the list of prizes I'm promising myself.
We may have to go into debt over this.

I got my Werther's. I have some super pepperminty gum, which helps a lot, though I'm not real fond of smacking gum all day and it hurts my jaw. And I've started scheduling things to do during the late afternoon when it feels the toughest. Yesterday I got a 20 minute massage at a new place (walk-ins welcome) that charges by the minute. Isn't that cool? I had to fill out the usual paperwork, and it was sorta fun to check the 'No' box in answer to the 'Do you smoke?' question.

You guys are great. You've given me lots of encouragement and I think that is helping more than anything. An old friend from college gave me a call yesterday out of the blue to offer support and advice -- she reads this blog now and then and saw I was quitting. That was way cool. *waves to T---*

Ilse, that was a great reminder. I need to find a picture like we talked about. :)
Pam, Moon, Nutz and Glowie, yesterday I thought about just having one cig. And then I remembered your comments and I decided I didn't want to let you down. :) Lasann, if you did it for 5 months, that is an accomplishment. If you ever decide to quit again, you have the assurance that you can do it.

Supes, I adore you and I will try to stop being bitchy by the time four months is up. Can I bum a smoke when I get there?

Nookie...such an inspiration are you. Thanks for all the advice.

Swami, Jolene, we'll be smokin' together. In a good way. And not on Survivor. Though I have learned from Shane how to get my way. I just freak out like he does, and it's amazing how people snap to attention around me. It's especially helpful at the grocery store and church.

Mr. Wheeze is very smart. He knows that I'd rebel if he ever whined about my smoking. He is very supportive, but not intrusive in this decision. That is a good thing. My kids are being very good and encouraging. Wheezygirl says my hair smells good. I like that.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the one-week marker, but still taking it 10 minutes at a time. Thanks, friends! Love to all.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


This quitting smoking is bullshit. I hate it.

I have found that this time of day, from about 5pm until 8pm or so, is the absolute worst. Luckily I have people who have taken the time to distract me these last few days during this time especially, since Mr. Wheeze has been extremely busy this past week and hasn't been home during this particular time of day since I quit. So I am thankful for you, and you know who you are.

But I have this feeling that one day I just won't even bother to try to get past the rough time. And I won't take the effort to call my quit buddy or email others. Because I really do think this is not worth it, sometimes. It's very wearing. I'm a horrible bitch. And I feel like bawling every day, which is not normal for me. And if it doesn't get better soon, I don't know if I can keep this up day after day.

But today is not the day I'm going to cave. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not. I'll worry about that then.

Thank you all for your encouragement. It helps a lot.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today is the day.

Ciggies go bye-bye.
Got my scrip from the doc and a patch on my arm.
Thanks to Nookie who came to my rescue this morning. Wasn't it nice of her to quit first so she could show us how to do it?