Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bye bye birdie

I just know you've been sitting around wondering where Wheezy is.

Well, I've been under the bed with the tuna. And I'll tell you why.

The Bird flu has arrived to the US, right in my back yard, in fact. So far we've had three dead birds.

Okay, 2 dead birdies, one was not much more than an embryo. But still, a very serious situation.

Here's the thing: the first two birdies were tiny babies, and were dead when they left their little nest in my eaves to land on the patio.

But the third bird came hurtling down on Friday, and this one wasn't dead.

The bird eeeped and eeeeped, its mostly-skin-with-babydown-feathers-and-hidden-eyeball body twisted in a position not even my first child could have duplicated in the womb, though he tried.

This eeping, of course, came right when I was to take the GoggleJesus (aka my husband, who'd had lasik surgery that morning, after throwing up twice and running a fever of 101 degrees an hour before his scheduled surgery time) for his post-op check up. Of course, at the same time, my kids came home from school, the boy having blood flowing from his ear.

Just get under the damn bed and eat some tuna, I said. We've all got bird-flu.

So, goodbye world.

It's been nice knowing you.