Sunday, July 02, 2006

Humor me a moment

What has Wheezus done lately, you are wondering.

Well. I'm working on final edits of my novel. Which is quite nearly done, or totally done, or far from done, depending on what day you ask me.

In my spare time, I am learning how to go about getting it published. I spend my evenings reading from pseudonymous literary agent Miss Snark's blog. But my day is not complete without a dose of Evil Editor.

Some of you are helping me with things, from reading the manuscript and offering suggestions to helping me edit my agent query letter. Thank you very much. The query letter is huge important, and must not only hook the agent in the first sentence, but also explain the book, and my credentials. All of this should be contained in 1 page or less, including both the to/from addresses, a sentence or two about representation and the length of the book, and the closing line and signature.

This? Was more difficult than writing the novel. How do you summarize 300 pages into one paragraph, and make it sound so intriguing that an agent, who gets hundreds of these query letters each week, will ask to see a partial or full manuscript?

Now begins the waiting. It could easily take 2 years to get an agent -- the process is painstakingly long. Once an agent is secured, it could take a year for the agent to find a publisher. But there's no guarantee of that.

So in the meantime, we start book 2. I have three pages written so far. And now, instead of dreaming at night about what happens to the characters in the first novel I had my first dream last night about what happens in the new novel. I do appreciate that--the dreams. I've worked out a few impossible scenes via that method. It's like the night shift, fixing the problems of the fully awake day shift writer.

I make a good team.