Sunday, August 20, 2006

Somebody, please

diagram this sentence below (or tell Goth to get over here). Thank you.

I just didn't feel like making the appointment, because I waited too long, and I knew his schedule would be full, but if I called he would suggest fifty million other options, none of which would have worked because our schedule was so tight, and I would have felt bad that he tried so hard to fit me in, and then he would be all sad, because we are friends, and graduated the same year (from different schools, but we know a lot of the same people) and then I'd feel like I had to move the schedule around so we could catch up, and I just couldn't take the stress of trying to rearrange everything, considering the Glennie would have had to be dealt with in the process.

(yes, I know. It's terribly-erribly passive.)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Going to Britain?

You'll need to carry your tampons in your hand, and pack your keys, cell phone, ipod and laptop in your checked bags. When they lose your luggage, well...I guess you'll just have to take a cab home. Darn those key fobs.


Items Banned Aboard Planes in Britain

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By The Associated Press

August 10,2006 | -- Security measures in place Thursday at British airports in response to thwarted terror plot:

Prohibited items in airline cabins:

-- All liquids, except medicine and baby formula verified as authentic.

-- Food bought at airport.

-- Handbags.

-- All electrical and battery-powered items, including laptop computers, mobile phones and iPods.

-- Electric key fobs.

-- Wheelchairs, except those provided by airport.


Items permitted in cabin, carried in clear plastic bag:

-- Pocket-size wallets and purses containing money, ID and credit cards.

-- Passports and tickets.

-- Prescription medicine and medical items.

-- Glasses and sunglasses, but not cases.

-- Contact lens holders, but not lens solution.

-- Baby formula and milk, but contents of each bottle must be tasted by passenger.

-- Diapers, wipes, creams for infants.

-- Tampons, sanitary napkins and tissues, but not boxes.

-- Keys.

What's going on around the U.S. today? Oh, it's a fun day at the airports all over.