Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Good night, and good luck

Hey Friends of the Wheezus,

I have been busy and stuff. Things change. And I have another blog that is not like this one. It's my writing blog, where I try to look professional and shit.

So if you would like to visit there, you are welcome -- all you need to know in order to find it is my first and last name dot blogspot dot com.

If you are a friend and you are having trouble finding it, you should know how to contact me via email and I can gladly provide the link.

For now, though, this blog will be on hiatus.

I wish you all the best; fun and luck and blessings and all that jazz.




Blogger ~Nutz said...

Good luck with all your busy stuff!


12:24 PM  
Anonymous sewa mobil jakarta said...

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